The renewal of Château Pech-Latt

Drawing on its centuries-old heritage, Château Pech-Latt is entering a new chapter in its history.
A renewal based on women and men driven by the ambition to enhance this unique terroir in the heart of the Corbières and a first translation through a new label for the wines of Château Pech-Latt.


The revival of Château Pech-Latt is part of its history

Since the mention of a first Benedictine abbey which cultivated wines from 784, the history of Château Pech-Latt in Lagrasse has continued throughout the centuries to reach us. If it has been able to cross the ages, it is undoubtedly thanks to the great combativeness of the men who live on its land. It is also undoubtedly thanks to its ability to adapt and innovate.

In 1968, Pech-Latt was one of the first "château" of the Corbières to hand-stem and trample the grapes and make the radical choice to stop using herbicides in the cultivation of his wines. In 1991, it was one of the very first areas certified in organic farming.

It is on this heritage that Château Pech-Latt draws its strength to open a new page and enter fully into the 21st century by making 2022 the year of renewal for Château Pech-Latt.


Symbiosis of nature and people

Located in a circus surrounded by hills and scrubland at the foot of the Alaric mountain, in the location of Lagrasse, the Château Pech-Latt wine estate is a place of life for a passionate team that works hard and carries great ambitions for this new chapter that is opening.

The team is involved and proud of its work, which aims to enhance and reveal the goodness of this unique and preserved Eden, this jewel of the Corbières.

The revival of Château Pech-Latt goes through the enhancement of the terroir with rigorous monitoring of the vineyard, the improvement of its viticultural practices supported by a very significant investment in equipment and, ultimately, the ever more thorough search for quality.

The operations also relate to a development of the building with the renovation of the cellar, the work and living buildings as well as the opening to wine tourism to meet the growing demand of an informed clientele in search of real products.


This renewal takes the form of a new graphic style

To illustrate this renewal, our wine bottles now have a new look: a new logo and new labels highlight all the facets of Château Pech-Latt.

This new visual identity comes to support and transcribe all the extreme character of this unique islet of Corbières. A land of contrasts, both exemplary, magnificent and rare from the point of view of its practices, but equally unique in its geographical location and geological character.

The iconographies of the new Château Pech-Latt labels are representative of this unique identity illustrating the landscapes and colors of Pech-Latt, whose hamlet is protected by its cypresses.


The wines of Château Pech-Latt: Jewel of the Corbières

The estate's vineyard covers 350 hectares, 160 of which are devoted to wines and are classified at 90% in the Corbières appellation. The wines are made up of traditional Languedoc-Roussillon grape varieties: Carignan, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre for red wines delivering subtle expressions for a unique tasting.
Organic wines certified by Ecocert since 1991, MEMOIRE D'ALARIC, TERRES MÛRES, GRAND VIN DU CHÂTEAU MAQUIS DES CORBES, ILE ARDENTE… offer you a little of our terroir in your glass.