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The renewal of Château Pech-Latt

Drawing on its centuries-old heritage, Château Pech-Latt is entering a new chapter in its history. A revival based on women and men driven by the ambition to enhance this unique terroir in the heart of the Corbières and a first translation through a new label for the wines

The 2021 vintage of Château Pech-Latt

Château Pech-Latt: all about the 2021 vintage

Every year, it's a surprise! Culture, climate, vinification... the quality of a vintage depends on all these factors. For the Château Pech-Latt team, this is what gives this profession its unique and exciting character. For the 2021 vintage, several hazards made the task more complex, but the result is

biodiversity is preserved at Château Pech-Latt

Biodiversity at Château Pech-Latt

A unique terroir within the Corbières, the biodiversity at Château Pech-Latt is exceptionally rich. By its location, its climate and its environment, both harsh and beneficial, the Château Pech-Latt estate is committed to preserving the essential balance between plants and animals so that these lands remain a