Biodiversity at Château Pech-Latt

A unique terroir within the Corbières, the biodiversity at Château Pech-Latt is exceptionally rich. By its location, its climate and its environment, both harsh and beneficial, the Château Pech-Latt estate is committed to preserving the essential balance between plants and animals so that these lands remain a preserved and generous Eden for its vines.


Château Pech-Latt: a unique location

In the town of Lagrasse, Château Pech-Latt is located in the heart of the Corbières appellation in Languedoc-Roussillon.

Pech-Latt, takes its name from Occitan and means "top of a wide hill", in reference to the vast hilly expanse over which the estate extends, within a circus surrounded by hills and scrubland, 150 meters above sea level, at the bottom of the Alaric mountain in the Corbières massif.

These reliefs composed of limestone soils, different clays, sandstone and red marls create a natural protection of the domain which benefits from a kind of climatic exception: the freshness is brought by the mountains, in a region usually swept by the Cers or Le Marin, under the influence of the Mediterranean climate: a land of sun and wind.

In a word, Château Pech-Latt occupies a special place in this landscape with, a remarkable geological and geographical atypia that has shaped a form of precious rarity.


Protected and preserved biodiversity

Land of extremes, demanding land, Château Pech-Latt is first a territory of truth. Here we do not cheat with the land or with those who populate it and constitute its ecosystem.

This unique place characterized by the harshness of its climate is also distinguished by a nature as beautiful as it is wild.

The preservation of this biodiversity first passes through thestop using pesticides since 1970! Château Pech-Latt was thus one of the pioneers in Occitania to switch entirely to a organic viticulture. A few decades later, the mobilization remains intact for preserve pollinating animals and those involved in soil renewal. Added to this, the choice not to irrigate, the search for noble techniques and practices to limit superfluous human interventions, thevery low use of sulphites in winemaking and thorough tillage to increase the sanitary resistance of the vines (fertilization, grassing).
It is very important to maintain the natural balance, to preserve the fauna in the vineyard.

It is reflected in particular by the presence on the estate of a sheepfold of 250 sheep as well as bats which allow the natural regulation of insect populations and all protected species. To promote this same development of biodiversity, the area is very little fenced: on these lands, animals live in perfect harmony with man.
The plant world is also widely represented in Pech-Latt, with the presence of many species of trees : olive trees, fig trees, aloe vera… planted on more than 350 hectares.


A biodiversity at the origin of singular wines

Our belief: all this biodiversity and this healthy environment conducive to the cultivation of vines in organic farming give birth to singular wines which do not fail to be exceptional in their quality.

Our tasting wines are authentic through their respect for the terroir, biodiversity and the wine lovers themselves, by limiting our intervention ever more in order to let nature express itself at best, with truth and diversity.

TERRES MÛRES, MEMOIRE D'ALARIC, GRAND VIN DU CHÂTEAU, MARQUIS DE CORBES, ILE ARDENTE, our 5 Château Pech-Latt AOC cuvées Corbieres all have a specific character that we can't wait to introduce you to.